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Weight & Glory: Prayer

Posted by Noel Philips on

Weight & Glory : Prayer

“Jesus went out to the mountain to pray, and all night he continued in prayer to God.” - Luke 6:12 ESV

"There are many beautiful things in the world around us, but pearls can only be discovered in the depths of the sea; if we wish to possess spiritual pearls we must plunge into the depths, that is, we must pray, we must sink down into the secret depths of contemplation and prayer. Then we shall perceive precious pearls."

- Sadhu Sundar Singh

Why Pray?

Pray because it connects you with the reality of who God is. It is the source through which you experience the Living reality of the person of God, the Living Christ. Prayer is communion with God himself. It is in prayer that God breathes life into your being and he starts to reveal deep truths of his word and you finally understand the depth and the meaning of the gospel. Prayer as a communion with the Father is everything. Prayer is the place where information, truths, knowledge etc. (letter of the Word of God), gets converted & transformed to Life & revelation. A life without communion with God in prayer and just knowing a lot of truths is like living your whole life just eating and never drinking a single glass of water, you will die sooner due of dehydration. The Life Abundant, the living waters of life are found through hours of prayer and communion with God. It is a sacred place where the human soul, heart and mind meet the person of God and there is perfect peace, rest & love and above all the weight of his glory shines on your face and your being. If we look at the humble & great men of God throughout the ages in church history, they were men of prayer who spend solitude in prayer and communion with God. The result being their faces and lives glowed with God’s presence and their lives were in sync with the reality of the Living Christ. Few of these men were Saint Augustine, George Muller, AW Tozer, and Leonard Ravenhill.

Yet, many of us struggle with prayer. We pray for many things in our lives but never for the ultimatum, which is God himself. Prayer is one of the simplest yet one of the hardest disciplines to be cultivated in a believer. The art of prayer is simple yet many lack in it & hence in not knowing Him truly we resort to other humanistic methods to accomplish the will of the Father. The human mind being fascinated by complex things makes the simplicity of prayer a turn off. Prayer is powerful and its simplicity makes us think that much can be accomplished without it and we can become much without it. Truth is, prayer is the fire that lights up the word in a believer and makes him more Christ like, more holy and humbler. All the virtues of life are founded by prayer. And much can be accomplished in life with prayer.

 This article is a call to simple prayer. The question is “Do you pray?” I mean like literally pray, take time in the early morning wake hours (this is the only time there are no distractions during a work week) and simply commune with God. There is no power to a Christian without prayer; he is an empty clanging cymbal with a lot of actions without prayer. What hard work accomplishes in many hours of labor, prayer gets his will accomplished in matter of moments. Work wise by simply praying. This is a call to prayer, a call to commune with the Father, to know Him and in knowing Him, doing His will in His strength.