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The Meaning of Christmas

Posted by Noel Philips on

“For to us a child is born, to us a Son is given;
and the government shall be upon his shoulder,
and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” - Isaiah 9:6 (ESV)

It’s that time of the year when people celebrate Christmas and are happy for various different reasons. It is a season of being merry and spending quality time with family. It is a season of gifts, family get-togethers, holidays & this season has a beautiful tone about it. Generally it brings about warmth in this cold season. We all know about the historical event that took place a few 2000 years ago where a baby was born in a manger, and it was good news for the entire world. A baby born to rule the world with truth & grace, who goes on to take the cross and die for humanity, its sins, & saving humanity from eternal destruction. We have heard this truth every Christmas from our childhood. So much so, that it has become a tradition to be happy and joyous during this season. The question we must as ask our self is, do we truly understand the meaning of Christmas? Do we really grasp & treasure the historical events that took place, and does it change & transform us to what God really intended the event to be?

Noel!!! Noel!!! Noel!!! is the tone of the season, which means good news. So, if good news has to be announced and preached there is bad news. The bad news is we are broken & in need of counsel. Deep in our being, there is anxiety, depression, responsibilities to bear, broken relationships and the list of bad news goes on. And we search for a God who can deliver us from this pain and sorrow and brokenness. We seek a face from deep in our soul, a Father that understands and embraces us. We seek peace in all situations and in our being. This is what everyone eventually looks for. This is why The Son who is not born; but the Son who has existed eternally & was given to us, is really good news. This is why the child who was born and the Son who existed eternally, when He entered the realm of time, was good, beautiful and life giving news.

This is why the words of this song are powerful:

“All who are thirsty, all who are weak

Come to the fountain; dip your heart in the stream of life

Let the pain and the sorrow, be washed away

In the waves of his mercy, as deep cries out to deep

Come Lord Jesus Come”

The Good news is He has come & is establishing His kingdom from the inside out. The Good News is that He is not a baby anymore. He is the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. He has opened the way to seek redemption and restoration in the right place. We will not find peace, counsel, a father’s comfort and joy in tradition, in the festivities of the season, or in the fact that we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Unless we understand the meaning of Christmas we will still be broken, and this is just another church & family tradition we celebrate each year. Let us ask ourselves, do we really understand the meaning of Christmas? If not, we must pray, seek, knock & he will open our hearts to experience the true meaning of his birth.

Prayer: Father, this Christmas I want to know You & experience You in a deeper way through the historical birth of Your son Jesus Christ. Let not the traditions and all the happy things going on around us distract us from your real intent of this season. Father, as we approach the New Year, grant us that we may comprehend the breadth and length & height and depth of your love towards us in Christ Jesus. And our heart cry for 2017 is that we may be the godliest, boldest, most humble, most joyous, most sacrificial and most loving we have ever been in our entire life. And living each day to be more godly, bold, humble, joyous, sacrificial & loving than each previous day. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Have a Joyous Christmas & an Adventurous New Year in Him!!!

(PS: The title of this article is “The Meaning of Christmas” but I haven’t explained the meaning in this article because this article is just a call to experience life and the real meaning of Christmas by yourself. Seek & you shall find Him.)